Building a new home can be a challenge for families. Our team has been working to make every step of the process just a little bit easier for our clients – from concept through moving day. One of the ways we’ve found to make moving day just a little bit easier is to provide them with our Ultimate Moving Day Checklist. Having a comprehensive list of all of the tasks at hand can help new homeowners keep a cool head.

Create Your Moving Day Kit
Your bags are packed and it’s time to go. While you have the perfect home waiting for you and you have mastered packing with Tetris-like precision, making moving day easier is simple if you have the right kit in tow. Your moving day kit will help prepare you for any eventuality.

Like a good carry-on bag, a moving day kit will help make your travels smoother and prepare you for the unexpected. Your travel kit should include:

Personal Care Items – Sounds simple, right? It’s truly surprising how many people forget to keep their personal care items accessible. Plan to be in hotel mode for 1-3 days and keep the following items handy: toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts/eyeglasses, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, moisturizer, face wash, deodorant, chapstick, snacks, bottled water, essential medications, pain relief medication, a change of clothing, and pajamas. And don’t forget your e-reader or a good book to keep you company.

Important Documents – Grab all important documentation related to your move as well as personal documents to keep with you during the transition: closing papers, homeowners insurance, car insurance, mover’s contracts, a copy of the inventory in the moving truck…and carry out menus for places around your new home. While this may seem like a rather analog list of items to keep on hand in a very digital age, we find that paper copies of these documents often come in handy with uncertain cellular coverage in a new neighborhood when Wifi is often not yet turned on.

Household Tools – Be prepared with tools you may need on moving day: extra packing tape, scissors, sharpies, sandwich bags, phone chargers, camera chargers, laptop/tablet and cords, manual and power screwdrivers (philips and flathead!), box cutters, tape measure, first aid kit, toilet paper, and paper towels. If you are moving long distances consider a sleeping bag and pillow.

Putting all of the essentials in an overnight bag will help you keep everything you need together, and, like a scout, ensures that you will be prepared for whatever comes your way on moving day.

Getting Ready for the Movers
Here are some great tips on how to prepare for your professional movers when they come to assist you on moving day. We recommend that you:

  • Have your personal boxes, furniture and items to be moved ready as early as three days prior to your moving date.
  • Stage the boxes in a room with a wide entry door – preferably all in one area, if possible.
  • Consider the pathway to the moving truck, that it’s clear and navigable for boxes and furniture. This may mean removing rugs, planters, and low-hanging items along the way.
  • Mark boxes with fragile contents accordingly
  • Label boxes for their final destination room in your new custom home.
  • Create your “open first” box with any items you’ll want to access right away upon arriving at your new home. These may be special items for your kids, clean sheets for the first night, or other important comfort items.
  • Take a second and third sweep of your home before the driver departs your old residence and heads for the new one. Ensure that there’s nothing left in your attic, crawl space, backyard storage, under the stairs, on the walls, or anywhere else you might overlook.
  • Eliminate trash and flammable materials prior to making the move. This may be leftover solvents, paints, or lubricants. Disposal of materials such as these into sinks and sewers is often prohibited and almost always inadvisable as it may cause damage to the water system and environment. For questions about how to handle these liquids, we recommend you reach out to your local waste management company or department.

Much has already been said about how stressful moving can get. However, while moving all your things and essentially, your whole life from one house to another is very exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally, all that can be eased just a little bit when you have a good Phoenix moving company working with you.

Some people, however, resist the idea of hiring movers in Phoenix, saying they can deal with the move on their own. That would be great if that were really the case, but more often than not, it isn’t.

If you’re on the fence about hiring Phoenix movers, take the following as clear, unmistakable signs that you do need the help of the best moving companies Phoenix has to offer.

You own a ton of stuff
If you have a big family, then you probably own a lot of things. If you decide to move all your furniture, household items, appliances, and toys all by yourself, it will probably take you several trips to transfer them all. Arizona moving companies, however, have the appropriate number of personnel and equipment to move them all in one go.

Some of your belongings are very expensive
Do you own precious artwork and antiques, or high-end appliances and furniture? If you move them without professional help, they are likely to sustain some form of damage along the way. You can avoid damaging them with the help of Phoenix moving companies who have at their disposal transport tools, packaging techniques, and experience in moving precious things from one point to another without a scratch.

You own a piano and other large, bulky items
A piano is a pain to move. The same goes for a full-sized pool table. There is simply no way you can move these things with ease, even with the help of family and friends. You need professionals who are adept at planning, measuring, and transporting such large and bulky items. You need the muscle, too, and moving companies in Phoenix have in their employ physically strong people who can do some serious lifting.

You’re moving to another state
Maybe a moving truck rental would suffice if you’re just moving to another address in the same city. However, moving to another state—or even across the country—would take a lot more. Your friends or relatives who are helping you with the move may not be up to the task, but the best movers are more than capable of taking you and your family wherever you need to go, even if it’s on the other side of the United States.

You need storage for some of your belongings
Sometimes, between moving out of your old home and moving into your new address, you just need to put some of your stuff into storage for whatever reason. Get the most secure and safest storage Phoenix moving companies can provide, and you’ll have peace of mind even when your belongings aren’t with you just yet.

Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that stressful, not when you can easily contact the best moving company Phoenix residents have relied upon for years.

Buying a new home is exciting, moving your stuff into is not. It’s a big job and after all the expenses of buying the home, it might be tempting to move it yourself to save money. But hiring a professional mover can save you time, protect your belongings, and make the day run much more smoothly.

Less Stress
It’s no secret that moving is stressful. Between packing up the house, coordinating helpers, and wrangling the kids and pets it can turn you into a real Grinch. Hiring a professional to handle your move can bring your stress level down, which will allow you to actually enjoy moving into your new home instead of dreading it.

Long Distance
Have you ever tried to drive a 26-foot truck? That’s the estimated size to move a 3 bedroom home and it’s slightly terrifying for a novice. Getting on the highway is a little different in a truck that size than it is in your average car. And if you’re moving to a narrow street, you’re going to have to do some maneuvering to work your way around those tight corners. When you hire a professional mover, you can navigate your new streets in your easy-to-handle sedan while the professionals manage the fast-moving highways and tight neighborhood corners. Continue reading “Why it Pays to Hire a Professional to Move”

No one who acquires stuff on a regular basis can honestly say he or she has no clutter at home. We all have a little mess where we live. Some of us may even have more than just a little clutter. We’ve heard of people who have so much junk lying around the house entire reality TV shows have been built around them.

Of course, no one wants to be the butt of jokes or be at the receiving end of disdainful looks from people, but that much clutter is an open invitation. You have to de clutter your home not just to avoid reality TV crews, but for the following reasons as well:

1. Your home is becoming one, big petri dish

All that clutter means you’re not cleaning up, mainly because you can’t access the surfaces that need to be wiped or brushed. And when you’re not keeping your surroundings clean, you are, in effect, fostering a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and household pests like cockroaches, mice, and (shudder) RATS.

2. Clutter poses a risk to life and limb

If you go by the law of averages and think of all the times you nearly fell on your face after stumbling over your boots or slipping on a rogue sock, you are likely to finally hurt yourself the next time it happens. Losing teeth or breaking an ankle over junk you don’t use or need is so not worth it.

3. You may be losing money without knowing it

Some people have this mindset that hoarding all that junk is going to save them money, or even help them make some of it. The problem is, finding the things you need amidst the mess is next to impossible. So even if you know you already own that thing you need, you’ll have no choice but to buy a new one that you will eventually add to the clutter. Also, bills could get lost and completely forgotten underneath that sky-high stack of mail on the floor. That means late fees, which we all know can be completely brutal.

4. It fosters tardiness

How long does it take you to find your other shoe? Or your car keys, for that matter? Hunting for essential stuff underneath all that junk takes forever, and that means being late for most appointments is already a regular occurrence.

5. The mess is stressing you out

Whether you admit it or not, clutter is a significant source of stress in our lives. Unless you’re a natural-born slob who thrives in the chaos of it all, just looking at the mess can trigger anxiety and even feelings of guilt. Clutter also screams into our faces that our work will never be done, and that can definitely stress anybody out.

6. You can’t even have guests

Assuming that you actually give a damn about the mess but just don’t have the time to de clutter, it must be really frustrating not being able to bring friends or lovers around. It is, after all, embarrassing to have someone visit only to have him or her sit on your missing stapler on the couch or worse, on that fresh mustard stain from that hot dog sandwich you had for dinner the night before.

7. You’re running out of space

Clutter takes up a lot of room. With each passing day, you will get more things that will only add to the pile. At this rate, that pile of clothes on your bedroom floor would look fluffier and more appealing to sleep on than your (also cluttered) bed.
You have to stop wasting time, energy and space with all that clutter. De clutter and organize your home, and you’ll be doing yourself a gigantic favor. If you need ideas on how best to de clutter your home, just check out this infographic.

steps to declutter home

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When it’s time to move, hiring a professional moving company can make the process go much smoother. After all, renting a truck, loading and unloading can be a real hassle and suck up a lot of time. Hiring a mover means you have someone take care of all the heavy lifting, packing a truck properly and wrapping up big ticket items efficiently so the leg of a chair doesn’t punch a hole in your flat-screen TV. After you’ve hired a moving company to transfer your belongings from one home to another, you can make the process go a little easier by preparing the home before they arrive. It’s best to have everything ready at least three days before the moving date. Learn more…

Step 1: Get Boxes in PlacePlace your packed boxes in a room with a wide entry door for easy access to the moving truck. If possible, move your boxes to your garage. This will save time when movers will load up your belongings and if you are paying them hourly, it will save you some money as well.

Step 2: Label Your Boxes

It would be a good idea to label your fragile items so movers know what boxes to handle with more care. You should label all of your boxes in regards to where they should go in your new home or rented apartment. For example, place all your pots, pans in one box and label it Kitchen. Your job will be easier and faster when it comes to unpacking.

Step 3: Clear the Pathways

Make sure there is plenty of space for the movers and your pathways are clear so the movers can easily transfer your large pieces of furniture. This will also ensure that movers won’t damage your items.

In conclusion, making things a little easier for the moving company will make the process more faster and smoother for you too. If you are looking for a professional moving company, get in touch with us today.

how to prepare for movers

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Moving Partners

A&C Brothers Moving & Storage partners with the community

Moving Guide

Read our official moving guide to help you make the right decisions!


Our mission is to exceed your expectations, earn and maintain your trust. Under homepage under testimonials