Why it Pays to Hire a Professional to Move

Buying a new home is exciting, moving your stuff into is not. It’s a big job and after all the expenses of buying the home, it might be tempting to move it yourself to save money. But hiring a professional mover can save you time, protect your belongings, and make the day run much more smoothly.

Less Stress
It’s no secret that moving is stressful. Between packing up the house, coordinating helpers, and wrangling the kids and pets it can turn you into a real Grinch. Hiring a professional to handle your move can bring your stress level down, which will allow you to actually enjoy moving into your new home instead of dreading it.

Long Distance
Have you ever tried to drive a 26-foot truck? That’s the estimated size to move a 3 bedroom home and it’s slightly terrifying for a novice. Getting on the highway is a little different in a truck that size than it is in your average car. And if you’re moving to a narrow street, you’re going to have to do some maneuvering to work your way around those tight corners. When you hire a professional mover, you can navigate your new streets in your easy-to-handle sedan while the professionals manage the fast-moving highways and tight neighborhood corners.

One of the hardest parts of moving is figuring out how to pack all your worldly possessions in an organized way. Hiring a professional moving company can mean you can forego this step and leave it to the professionals. They’ll know that it might not make sense to put your pots and pans in the same box as your grandmother’s china (even if they all belong in the kitchen) or that there’s an easier way to wrap those picture frames so none of the glass breaks.

Accidents happen. Tables can get dropped, mirrors can be put on trucks incorrectly, and heirlooms get broken. Those accidents are less likely to happen with a professional mover who has experience handling delicate and valuable objects. When you hire a professional, you can point out the pieces that are particularly valuable, delicate, or just mean a lot to you and the movers will pay special attention to these items. Many moving companies also offer you protection plans for your belongings to add another layer of insurance on your items.

They say you can tell your true friends by who’s willing to help you move. It’s hard work and it’s not particularly fun. People have other commitments and families they want to spend time with on the weekend. And if you’re moving to a new city like for example an apartment in NYC where you don’t know anyone, it’s an almost impossible ask. So, that leaves you alone to move every single thing you own into your new home. If you hire a professional moving service, you’re getting a team of people to move your belongings. Not only will more people make the move go faster, these professionals have done this a thousand times, so they know how to be efficient.

The verdict is clear: if you want moving day to go smoothly, you should consider hiring a professional mover.

Kylee Della Volpe is a writer and editor for mortgages.com.

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