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When it’s time to move, hiring a professional moving company can make the process go much smoother. After all, renting a truck, loading and unloading can be a real hassle and suck up a lot of time. Hiring a mover means you have someone take care of all the heavy lifting, packing a truck properly and wrapping up big ticket items efficiently so the leg of a chair doesn’t punch a hole in your flat-screen TV. After you’ve hired a moving company to transfer your belongings from one home to another, you can make the process go a little easier by preparing the home before they arrive. It’s best to have everything ready at least three days before the moving date. Learn more…

Step 1: Get Boxes in PlacePlace your packed boxes in a room with a wide entry door for easy access to the moving truck. If possible, move your boxes to your garage. This will save time when movers will load up your belongings and if you are paying them hourly, it will save you some money as well.

Step 2: Label Your Boxes

It would be a good idea to label your fragile items so movers know what boxes to handle with more care. You should label all of your boxes in regards to where they should go in your new home or rented apartment. For example, place all your pots, pans in one box and label it Kitchen. Your job will be easier and faster when it comes to unpacking.

Step 3: Clear the Pathways

Make sure there is plenty of space for the movers and your pathways are clear so the movers can easily transfer your large pieces of furniture. This will also ensure that movers won’t damage your items.

In conclusion, making things a little easier for the moving company will make the process more faster and smoother for you too. If you are looking for a professional moving company, get in touch with us today.

how to prepare for movers

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